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Sacred Colors Series

[/or_column_text][or_column_text animateswitch=”no” animateevent=”onhover”] Books in this series are intended to allow you to engage in spiritual activities that might be an alternative to ones that you engage in right now or perhaps will be a new addition in your life. It is possible to use these books on your own, within a group or even in parallel with others. [/or_column_text][or_spacing height=”7px”][or_column_text animateswitch=”no” animateevent=”onhover”] Each of these books draw on elements from adult coloring books, journals and spiritual resources. They blend these together in different ways to help you in exploring the sacred. [/or_column_text][or_spacing height=”7px”][or_column_text animateswitch=”no” animateevent=”onhover”]   Sacred Windows: Drawing and Seeing was the first book in this series. It does involve some fine coloring activities that some people have not wanted to engage in. Even so, it is possible to explore a series of sacred windows, both as you see their design and as they are seen in their own setting. [/or_column_text][or_spacing height=”7px”][or_column_text animateswitch=”no” animateevent=”onhover”] Walking Labyrinths at Home: A Colorful Journey is easier to color. It takes you on a series of journeys “walking” labyrinths without leaving your home or even getting out of your chair. There are also a number of ways to utilize labyrinths that are introduced and you will have an opportunity to explore these. [/or_column_text][/or_column][/or_row][or_row][or_column width=”12/12″][or_raw_code code=”W2luc3RhbnRhem9uIGlkPSd3cGlzXzE0OTk5NzEyNjgnXQ==”][or_spacing height=”20px”][or_column_text animateswitch=”no” animateevent=”onhover”] Certain Content That Appears on This Site Comes From Amazon Services LLC. This Content is Provided ‘AS IS’ And is Subject to Change or Removal at Any Time. Big Apple Publishing (and CLSV, Inc.) participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon member sites to Big Apple Publishing as a way for you to be able to purchase your books. [/or_column_text][/or_column][/or_row]