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Christopher L. Smith

Following initial work using the Shalom Press imprint, Christopher founded Big Apple Publishing and has provided the vision for this small New York publisher. Christopher believes that many people have a story to tell that will be helpful to others. He brings this into the way that he operates Big Apple Publishing and looks forward to working with others whose voice should be heard.

His background makes him particularly prepared for the work of this publisher. His first book was published in the 1990s. His own training and experience spans the range of topics that is focused on within Big Apple Publishing. The Shalom Press imprint was first used through another entity that he operated. This imprint was the first imprint within Big Apple Publishing. Fun Books Press was added as an imprint and there are additional imprints that he is likely to manage in the future.

Developing others and helping them speak their story is part of the work that Christopher has done with individuals as a minister, as an educator and as a mental health professional. The combination of these roles has not only helped in his writing but also in the way he has helped others develop their own voices.

Christopher moved to New York during the summer of 2001 and has been dedicated to serving in this community. He would now be identified as a New Yorker, even though this has not been his lifelong home.