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Resources to Aid Shalom

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Working towards shalom requires a significant investment in yourself and your relationships. This investment comes not only in terms of finances and time but also your energy and your vulnerability (at least with yourself). Mental health professionals have seen that when someone regularly explores areas related to issues they are experiencing or things that they want to improve, that the process of change is improved. This improvement can come from being able to better see the situation and thus have better outcomes as well as making the process towards peace and wholeness go quicker. These resources were all designed by mental health professionals who have experience and qualification dealing with the issues being addressed. While it is possible to use some of these resources on your own to gain insight, they are most effective when you use them to enhance the work you are doing with your counselor or therapist. In fact, some mental health professionals recommend their clients use one of these resources to continue their active engagement between sessions.   My Journey to Wholeness and Peace: A Journal of the Walk Through Therapy is designed to keep track of what you are doing in therapy, to guide you in the work between sessions and to help you remember things you want to come back to in later sessions. The other resources are intended to help you deal with particular situations:

  • Changing reactions to responses to improve how you relate to others – How I Respond: A Workbook to Track and Change How You Respond to Things to Which You Often React
  • Finding balance between home and work so that issues in one area do not spill over into the other – Finding Peace at Work and Home: A Workbook to Track and Change How Your Home and Work Lives Interact

You may find that one or more of these books will be helpful on your journey or the journey that you know someone else is taking. They are available on Amazon (where you might see a preview) through these links or on our page of all books published by Big Apple Publishing.

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